Enjoy Your Favoritie Shows with Charter TV

Charter TV® Select Offer

  • 100+ HD Channels
  • Access over 10,000 movies and shows On Demand
  • Enjoy your favorite networks such as ESPN, Lifetime, CNN, Discovery, and much more!
  1. Starting at:
  2. $59.99/mo.
  3. for 12 mos*

Charter Digital Cable
We get it. Your television is a way of life. As it should be! With amazing programs and movies, there is no better bang for your entertainment buck than Charter TV in Digital. Not only is Charter TV in Digital a great value, it gives you all of the great service features you expect with digital television.
Great Picture and Sound – Forget theater quality. Charter Digital Cable gives you better than theater quality for your home entertainment experience. The development of digital cable has made television viewing an art form all its own, with better sound, better pictures on crystal clear displays and choices that give everyone in the family options they’ve never had before.

Your Favorite Premium Movie Channels are Available with Charter Digital Cable – HBO®, Cinemax™, Starz® Moviepack, and Showtime have been standards in Cable TV for more than a generation, and you won’t have to give up a single one with Charter Digital Cable. Get your favorite movies and series with amazing sound and picture, every day!

Movies on Demand with Charter Digital Cable Services – Movies on Demand give you thousands of options every day. Pick and choose your favorite television programs and movies with one-stop shopping, right from your living room. No more late fees, no more renting DVDs from the video store, at all. You can select the programs you want to watch, as well as when you want to watch them! All with the convenience of Movies on Demand from Charter TV in Digital!

Charter TV in Digital with DVR! Never miss your favorite show again! DVR has changed the way we watch television. With one button you can schedule to record an entire season of your favorite television series, or you can make sure you can watch your favorite television movie any time you want. Not to mention sporting events and special concerts. Why miss out on fun activities outside the house just to catch a television program? Or you can watch one program while recording another. Not to mention you can pause and rewind live TV with Charter TV in Digital with DVR. Don’t miss a second of the action! Get Charter TV in Digital, today!

HD with Charter Digital Cable – The world is going HD and with Charter Digital Cable, you can keep up with the latest in HD programming. New channels are being added all the time!

Save money with The Charter Bundle from Charter Digital Cable – When you combine your services for phone and internet with your Charter Digital Cable, you save a boat load of cash every month! Get the conveniences of one, low monthly billing statement when you bundle services with Charter Communications.